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Play as the robotic warrior "Gentrieve" on it's mission to infiltrate an enemy world and recover a stolen generator from it, as you acquire and utilize a variety of beams, explosives, and agility-enhancing items. The game features separately adjustable difficulty level and length settings; play a short game in 15-25 minutes, a medium game for about 45 minutes to an hour, a long game with the scale of the classic, or include every item for a massive undertaking! Customize your controls to either classic 8-directional Metroidlike aiming, for freeform mouse-aiming!

Still working out a few level generation kinks, and maybe sometime in the future, some lower-level AI enemies and actual boss designs. But there's some other, newer projects I'm working on as well, and I may revisit the concept on another engine/platform.

Lead Designer/Programmer - Jeremy Wight (phr00t)
Assistant Designer/Programmer - Tony Wolverton (TonyTheTGR, that's me!)
Music from a few freeware sources, including Kevin MacLeod; and artists from Jamendo.com, Greg Baumont, zero-project, Silence, and Dieter Werner.

Note: Requires Microsoft XNA framework 3.1, available here:

...and .NET framework 4.0 or higher, available here:

Using a gamepad? You'll want to download Joy2Key:

3.14.15 - (1.90) Updated with more room-generation debugging, and reanimated sprites; a lot more "Metroidy" than previous builds.

More information

Published2 years ago
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

1. Install XNA and .NET frameworks, via links in the description.

2. Download and unzip "Gentrieve.zip" to a folder, such as C:\Games\Gentrieve.

3. Either double-click "Gentrieve.exe", or right-click and choose run. Choose "Send to..." and then "Desktop (Create shortcut)" to make an icon on your desktop.


Gentrieve 1-90.zip (63 MB)